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Felt Nature all wrapped up

Thank you, and thank you to all you beautiful people. The show was a huge success! Alex over at Eight and Sand is amazing, supportive, and super talented women. If you haven’t met her yet, do yourself a favor and do so. Here are some photo’s from the show. Enjoy.

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Felt Nature

felt-natureOkay. I know I’m late on this. But this Friday the show is closing, and I will be at Eight and Sand Gallery with the lovely Alexandria Sandlin for your last chance to come see the show. Of course you can also go to and see the whole show online as well. But if you want to be submerged in awesome, then I think you should come, 6-9 this Friday, April 11.

The Many Shoe’s of John Breed

Found this amazing artist, John Breed while browsing the pages of one of my favorite websites, Sweet Station. An artist out of the Netherlands. I like his bold color aligned with the non-traditional medium. It works. He has done a ton of cool things that I encourage you to check out on his website, but here, I’m featuring the legs. Love them.


Sick TV tray

ImageSo I’m sick. And this is my treasury. Enjoy. Pictured above is a vintage metal TV tray for sale by mshedgehog on Etsy.

Art Wagons

Art Wagons

Okay so yes. Yes there is a part of me who just wants to walk away from all my possessions and jump into one of these. Click here to see more.

Merry Kitschmas!


I dream of Christmas past, as well as Christmas future, somewhere in the present Christmas of today. Remember that time’s change, not people. We are all connected through tradition, memory, and love. Peace and love to you on this and every Holiday.

Pictured above is Lap of Luxury by boopiedaisy on etsy. Click here to see this and the whole treasury.

Temari Spheres

ImageThese and around 500 more were done by an 88 year old Grandma. No two alike, and all 100 percent beautiful. Check out the story, and see more photo’s here.


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