Last year when I was building the shop walls, and painting I enlisted the help of all the family and friends I could possible get. Joey Katzer, who is a longtime friend and amazing artist, came by to help. We started chatting and told her I would love her work in my shop. She was excited and brought down some work to hang up right away. I was thrilled; I never thought someone of Joey’s caliber would possibly want to be a part of my little shop. So Joey’s work was the first of many artists to showcase work here. I have some of her pieces, just mere drawings from our elementary school days, and some classic “dating game” drawings from long weekend swim meets. Now that she’s a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, her work is a little more structured and nothing short of amazing. Joey is also an elementary school teacher here in the Renton school district. You can see more of Joey’s work on her flickr account, and find out where her next show will be. Currently in the shop she has featured 9 different large art pieces, coasters, and greeting cards.