I found Susanna at Renton River Days in 2007. I was immediately drawn to her simply elegant style. She likes to compose each design and then hand form each component out of metal wire and sheet. She then uses techniques such as soldering, texturing, forging, wire wrapping and/or cold connecting as necessary. Then  adds gemstones if the design calls for it. 

 A transplant up here from Sacramento CA. she seems to not mind the cold and rainy weather, and I would guess that being inside more helps her work on her designs. Go check out Susanna’s website www.sustudiojewelry.com, for a list of shows she will be at (She does a ton). Always happy, smiling with a terrific laugh, Susanna is a little piece of sunshine in our shop. So go support this hard working jeweler.

My favorite pair of earrins

My favorite pair of earrings

A collection of SuStudio's designs

A collection of SuStudio