2009 is here! I’m super excited about the coming year. I really wanted to start out the year with a bang! But I wasn’t looking forward to starting out hung over, so instead of drinkinin the new year I played it mellow, tuning my guitar and relaxing. It was decided by me that Me and My cousins Brian, and Vinnie should do some band bonding my jumping in the water in Renton’s Bear Dip. About 1 am I started to get cold feet. Vinnie bailed out right away, and Brain was at my door by 10 speedo and all. Yikes! Now that’s showing commitment to the band. I couldn’t not go, and thank god because my parents had traveled down to watch us. Thanks for taking photo’s Dad! So it was rad, in and out and the worst part was my toes on the cold beach.  After a nice long hot shower I went to breakfast with my parents and then on my first solo vaca. Now I’m back and ready to be an active blogger. I am curious what everyone’s new year goals are. And if anyone in the Renton area wants to start running with  me. Please! I’m ready. Happy New Year World!