If you are reading this blog you probably noticed my happy delusions page header. Well, that is the wonderful work of Norman Petersen. He designed the sign, and it is what everyone see’s as they pass by the shop. I have no idea what techniques he used, but it’s all painted and totally looks like old tiles. His card describes his work as Faux Painting / Authentic Venetian Plaster. I love it! I knew when I saw the blue prints it was going to rock, but man………..I had no idea. Norman is a local Rentonite, and if you live in the neighborhood you have seen him ridin around on his bike or getting coffee at Jet City. He is an easy person to work with and has a strong vision with talent to boot! He does both commercial and residential work, and can be contacted at www.petersenfinishes.com or email him at petersenfinishes@gmail.com. My sign has been up since July and people comment on how beautiful  it is all the time. I agree, some days I just stare at it and think how I’m the luckiest store front in Renton.  So be sure to tell Norm what a wonderful job he did, and mention that he lives in Renton too, he loves it here.


To see closer, better images of this sign and more of Norm’s work you can check out his blog at http://petersen-finishes.blogspot.com/