For those of you who don’t get the fabulous Renton Reporter, and for those of you who, for whatever reason, don’t open or read the Renton Reporter, I’m here to tell you that us bloggers are making an impact in our community. In todays paper Dean Radford plugged us active bloggers. Good lookin out Dean. And Yes I agree, who wouldn’t want to enjoy me! 🙂 Here’s the article:

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Anyway, back to my bread-and-butter-world, the and the Renton Reporter.

Earlier, I mentioned in a column the idea that “Renton Starts Here.” We want you to think of as your cyberspace portal to Renton. There’s a lot out there, including some very active sites and bloggers in Renton who add mightily to the community discussion. Here are a few: Randy is a longtime member of the Renton City Council and really has a lot of fun sharing his knowledge of the city and his family’s doings. Started by Randy’s son Andy. Rich Zwicker’s site, Renton425 – Life in North Renton. He’s also a member of the Renton City Council, and, like Corman, is running for re-election. Where as it says, rumors are turned respectable. A fun read. Who wouldn’t enjoy Mary Clymer.

There are more. But this will get you started.

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