How easy is that!

What a great idea!

So my friend Paula and her man are the outdoor type. They have huge dogs and are usually seen on a mountain holding a leash while their dogs run wild. Through years of doing this, they had enough with the leash holding and thought there was no reason their dogs couldn’t carry their own leash. They have created Release N Run and what a great product it is.  The original leash and collar in one, made for the mostly off leash dog is ideal for walking, running, hiking, hunting, Mt. Biking, and off leash dog parks. Features strong and durable 1000d Cordura, strong Duraflex pet buckles, strong aircraft grade stainless steel cable, two different sizes depending on weight,  a wide variety of colors, and it’s made in the USA! Check out for more details.   picture-041

Small (up to 50 pounds) $24.99 Large (up to 100 pounds) $25.99