curtains copy picture

Last night Mike and I went to a High School Musical! We even left Renton to venture way out to Covington to Kentwood High School. They were presenting the musical comedy of Curtains. It’s a musical within a musical that gives the audience an inside look at all the kinds of people that make up a production. Taking place in the 1950’s, the performers are getting ready to pull of a western musical of Robin Hood. The problem is that someone is killing off key players. A detective comes into the seen and locks everyone in the theatre until he solves the crime. He happens to be very passionate about the stage and is enjoying every minute of the lockdown, unlike most of the cast.

Personally Mike and I went to see the amazing Ms. Rebecca Lloyd. She is the director of this and many shows in the area. Ms. Lloyd was the first person to get me on the stage back at Renton High, which led to my schooling in NYC at AMDA, and further to my 7 year acting spell in LA. Where I got the opportunity to meet and do incredable things.

These kids have talent! Everyone on that stage was great. Mike and I agree that the two performances that wowed us were the detective, and the director. Unfortunately we failed to take home the playbill and have no names on these guys, but I would expect to see more from them. The lovely young lady who played the theatre owners wife has an amazing voice, only overshadowed by the young man who played the composer, who got me teary eyed during his performance of a song about missing the music he made with his honey-bunny. Oh, these kids were so cute! One of the things I admire most about Ms. Lloyd is her ability to bring out the best in everyone on her stage. I have no doubt that each one of those students feels a personal connection to her. And she never fails to impress me with how amazing her shows are.

Go see it! You have tonight, 7 pm Kentwood High School, $8.00. Thats it! GO!