fireworksHave a wonderful 4th everyone. Be safe, have fun, and be sure to take a moment and remember why we are celebrating. This year has been a good reminder of what is good and true in life, and the 4th is our time to really appreciate our freedom. The future of our freedom and independence belongs to us. Lets make an effort, all of us, to END THIS WAR. Lets make an effort to bring back are rights that are under attack. Let us make an effort to each stand up as leaders and make our community even stronger.  Let us be the change we wish to see in the world. Keep it local, get involved, make a difference, use your rights, and let us all bring back the image of America as the friendly, caring country that wishes to help those in need, and show the world what our fore-fathers fought so hard for is still alive in our hearts and heads. Live your dream. Coexist. Peace.