Check out this cool poster handmade by Catherine Mill of Renton WA. It was done in an awesome grassroots effort to save our local library from KCLS (King County Library System). In a nutshell, and with everyone feeling the effects of the economy, so is dear ol’ Renton. A special election is being held Feb. 9 to annex or not.  Word got out and the people are talking. It’s been so neat to see so many residents get involved and make a difference. Renton, in my opinion, projects an image and displays banners to encourage work, live, play, within our city. I do this and love this. We are in support of the little guy. Heck, we are the little guy. Why would such an amazing city want to give up our local library when everything they are promoting says that they want us to be local and independent? This confuses me, and as a downtown business owner I would be personally effected if our library were to leave, and my taxes went up. So whats the deal? Something seems off, but I still believe in our city, I believe in the downtown, I believe amazing things can happen when people realize they matter and get involved, I believe issues like this enpower us to do more, and I believe that the people will VOTE NO ON PROP. 1 and keep our libraries in our own control. Ballots are out, and if you haven’t made a decision yet, or have voted yes and want to change, there is still time, please check out these sites for more accurate info.

No KCLS Takeover , Save the Renton Library , Vote No Til You Know ,