That’s right! It’s finally here, UnDisCoVerEd. I am so excited to hear Cock & Swan play songs from their new vinyl that I heart mucho.  Sweet Secrets is in the line up as well, and I just can’t wait to watch the super sexy drummer Corey Knafelz do his thang, and hopefully flirt with me a little too. Then, of course, I don’t want to miss our local Renton boy, Kerry Zettel, rock out with his band, See Me River, who I hear is AWESOME! The Renton Reporter did a story on him and our UnDisCoVerEd event matter of fact, you can view that here.  Young Lions has played once before in Renton at the Upper Room, and I missed out, but not this time. I will be there all day starting with our crafters at 2pm. It all goes down tomorrow May 15th from 2-11 at Harambee in DTR. Spotlight dance will be performing inbetween the music line-up, and nothing in Renton would be complete without the appearance of Liberty Cafe owner and mega hottie Mike Moskowitz, who will be keeping us all well caffeinated throughout the day. Remember this is a benefit show for Childhood Cancer Sucks.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. You can purchase them right now at brown paper, or here at happy delusions, and of course from Nich down at Tyrannosaurus Records. And When you see Nich tomorrow be sure to say thank you for being so cool and for all the work he does to bring live music to Renton.