Kristi Hand is an amazing artist. Some of the things she comes up with just blow me away. I have a weird fascination with anything to do with the mutilation of the barbie doll. Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing with barbie when I was a kid and I can openly acknowledge that she is a mega hottie. Yet something about seeing her in a not so pretty way is so appealing to that I just can’t turn away. This picture here is my favorite from Ms. Hand. It’s entitled “Unhinged”. She currently has all of her “Warped World of Toys” on display at happy delusions, including the ever popular “Praying Mantis”, highlighting a multi-body Tiger Woods bobblehead eating what appears to be ice-cream cones with different ladies in them.  Wonder Women also makes a couple of appearances, and pigs can be seen throughout, as well as buckets of doll parts. Aww the mind of an artist. I love what comes out, but sometimes I wonder if Kristi just needs a hug.