How did I not know about this show til right now!?! I’m so upset. If there is one place in the entire world I would like to be tomorrow night it would be at this show. I’m not shy about my love for Snaggs. I think she’s cute as a button and talented as all hell. I stock her work online, and yet, nothing about this San Fran show beginning tomorrow at Giant Robot. Miss Muju will be there too with all her amazing plushies made of pure win. Cuz I’m telling you one cannot lose with that much talent. I really want one of team muju’s  originals to be mine! So here they are teamed up doing an awesome show unbeknownst to me. Now I’m not too sure who Monyomonyo is, but from what I can tell, it won’t disappoint, and I need to look into it further. So if your like me and feeling unfaithful to your favorite artists by not supporting their show in Cali, don’t worry too much because you have til Sept 8 to get down there and see it. Yes you will still miss the reception tomorrow night, but at least then you can call and brag to me how you went and it was the most amazing experience of your life!