Happy New Year Everyone! Wow! What an awesome holiday season we had here at happy delusions. Our 4th and Best December yet! Thanks to you all who have been wonderful supporters of the shop. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So here we are at the beginning of what I’m deeming to be the best year ever, 2011. Last night a group of us head over to the Whistle Stop to help create and vote on their newest beverage, The happy delusion. After 13 rounds of trial and error, some very inebriated friends finally decided on a drink we all loved. Thanks to Jeff, Perry, and all the Whistle Stop staff for an amazing night out with friends, and for having a drink in our honor.

Now it’s your turn to get involved. Go over to the Whistle Stop and try “The happy delusion”. It consists of Southern Comfort, Malibu Rum, Lemon Vodka, Midori, Sweet & Sour, and a splash of sprite. Garnished with a lemon and served on ice in a pint glass or up in a martini glass. How amazing does that sound? After you try “The happy delusion”, be sure to enjoy some of Whistle Stops fine foods, then come back to the blog or let Jeff and I know what you think on the happy delusions facebook or Whistle Stops facebook page.