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"Bikes & Brew" Poster by Kelly Affleck

“Bikes & Brew” Poster by Kelly Affleck

So I’m a couple weeks late on the post here. I’ve been vacationing in Ocean Shores with my family, not that that’s any excuse. The Bicycle & Beer Show was a smashing success! The live music was incredible, the art spoke for itself, the giveaways from GHY were great, the weather was beaming, and everyone was having a ball. Thank you everyone who came out and helped make this a fantastic event. These are just some of the photo’s from the event. Enjoy!


Evan plays his version of the Saved by the Bell theme song

Evan plays his version of the Saved by the Bell theme song

"Pedal for your Pints" My own embroidered contribution to the show

“Pedal for your Pints” My own embroidered contribution to the show

"My Old Bike" by Dave Cohen, Pen and Ink

“My Old Bike” by Dave Cohen, Pen and Ink









“Bicycles and Beer”, A Poster Art Show
Exhibiting Saturday, August 2nd thru Monday November 3rd 2014
At The Whistle Stop Ale House
809 S. 4th St.
Renton, WA. 98057
Show description:

What would be better than an art show based around Bicycles and Beer? That’s right, absolutely nothing. So whatever plans you had for June can wait, because this is your chance to be a part of just such a show. The Whistle Stop Ale House in downtown Renton is hosting the first, Bicycles and Beer Poster Art Show. Art will be framed in either an 11×17 or 18×24 frame, and hang in the Whistle Stop from August – October 2014. Original Poster Art will be for sale at the price set by you, the artist. A Limited edition of 5 posters will be made and sold at $20 a poster. The house will take 25% of all sales.

Open to all artists 18 years and older. Submit only work completed in the last two years. 2-D, painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, and photography and 11×17 or 18×24 in poster size (may submit two images).
All work must be suitably framed/mounted or wired for installation. The juror reserves the right to disqualify any work not suitably presented, or any work appearing not to correspond to the entry image.
Entry Procedure:
Two images may be submitted and all work must be in jpg form. The file name should be as follows: Artist’s name-title of work. Example: JohnSmith.BigPainting.jpg. File sizes should be less than 2MB in size and a maximum of 1,500 pixels width or height (which ever is largest).Your work does not need to be narrative but should reflect the theme. Please nothing overtly sexual or violent, tasteful artistic nudity is acceptable. Only one entry per person. The sale commission is 25%. This is a juried show.

Submissions must be sent via email.

Submissions are due by Friday, July 11th at midnight

Email jpegs

File names must be saved in this format: LastNameTitle.jpg

In the body of the email please include this information:

Your Name

Title of Piece


Dimensions Width”xHeight”

Retail Price $ (all submissions must be available for sale)

Also include your complete contact information:

Your Name

Mailing address

Email and website address

Accepted artists will be notified Tuesday, July 15th. You will receive an email back if your work is accepted and a list of exhibiting artists will be posted on our Face book page: happy delusions, and on the happy delusions blog:

if accepted you’re work will need to be displayed / hang ready when dropped off at The Whistle Stop. Opening reception is Saturday, August 2nd 6 – 10pm. Live Music, Special Bicycle parking, Food and drink deals, Give-aways, raffles, Bike tune-ups, beer girls, and a darn good time.

Today I was recognized at the Renton BPW  (Business and Professional Women) as 2012-13 Women of Achievement. Renton’s Mayor and the Renton City Council are declaring National Business Women’s Week during October in Renton, WA. Today at a luncheon Sabrina Mirante, CEO Renton Chamber was selected as our 2012-13 Woman of the Year. This was such an amazing group, and I thank you all for the support. Unfortunately there was some confusion and I was unable to give my thank you speech. So here it is………..

Thank you Renton Business and Professional Women for this amazing event and recognition. Over the past 5 years I have had the most amazing experiences. Being in business in Renton has taught me so much about myself, this community, and all the amazing people who come together to work for something they love. Being in my shop, happy delusions, was a blessing on so many levels. Allowing me the time to really get in touch with the community thru volunteering to help bring events to our downtown core, and also allowed me the time to commit to running the Art Market for Renton River Days. These all being things that I was excited to emerge myself in, and grow as a person and business women. But ultimately what I got from all of this was a community who without real reason opened their hearts to me. Every day in my shop and out in the town people would come up and want to talk about events, and hear my thoughts, and try to understand what was going on around them. People would come in and get my suggestions on all kinds of things from politics, to best places to dine or ride their bikes. It was an honor, and completely unexpected.

My life has been a series of setting out with intention and bringing my dreams into reality. I couldn’t have done this without help. Today I would like not only to say thank you to this group and community, but also to the City of Renton and all the local business owners who’ve helped me along my path, Laurie Hamilton for nominating me for this, to Armondo Pavoni for being a guide to me as I entered into the world of business in downtown, to Toni Nelson for giving me the confidence to speak my mind. Mike Moskowitz for being the best neighbor and partner I could ask for. I thank you for so much. My Gramma and Papa Clymer for teaching me the value community just by being who they were, and my parents, whom have always encouraged me to go for it, and remind me that the only time you fail is when you don’t get back up and try again.

As many of you may know, I am going thru the process of closing my shop. The experience comes with a lot of different emotions, and of all the amazing attention I have been fortunate enough to get through my time involved this one coming from other women professionals, at just the right time means the most. Thank you.


Tomorrow is happy delusions Celebration of 5 amazing years of business. We would like to take the opportunity to let the community, our friends, and customers know how important they’ve all been to the success of the shop. We will be closing are doors for good at the end of September, so this is your last opportunity to come meet the artists and support them. Thank you all for taking time out of your life and sharing time with us here at happy delusions. This has been a life changing experience that I will forever be grateful for. Thank you.

Classic Cars & Pinup Gals Art Show

Miss Kitty Mansfield of Pinups Against Cancer poses for Varga Photography.

Exhibiting Friday July 6th – Tuesday July 31st

at Happy Delusions

924 South 3rd Street

Renton, WA 98057-2734

(425) 255-6078

Show description:

Classic Cars and Pinup Gals go hand in hand, and this July happy delusions wants to you to put the theme into a craft.


Your work does not need to be narrative but should reflect a classic car & pinup theme. Your work can be on the sweet side or a darker interpretation, maybe even comical. Have fun with it! Please nothing overtly sexual or violent, tasteful artistic nudity is acceptable. All mediums will be accepted, sculpture, fiber art, plush etc… Traditional wall art will be accepted, however Pinup’s Against Cancer will be using most of the wall for their photos and we would love to find more craft or vintage themed car toys to play off their pictures. Artists will be limited to 3 pieces per person, but please note that we may only accept one of the three.

The sale commission is 40%.

This is a juried show.

2. Submit Art


Submissions must be sent via email to

You will need to provide the following for artwork submit:

Your Name

Images of the work (900 x 1200 suggested)
Title of Piece
We will start accepting submissions Monday, June 11th. The last day to submit will be Friday, June 15th.
Accepted artists will be notified by email Friday June 22nd. A list of exhibiting artists will be posted on our Facebook page, as well as on the happy delusions blog:

If accepted your work will need to be displayed / hang ready when it is dropped off at happy delusions.
Load in: Saturday, June 30th from 11-7 and Sunday July 1st from 11-5.
Load out: Thursday, August 2nd 11-6
Details on Load In / Out will be sent out with acceptance into the show.

Insurance: Although every precaution will be taken to insure the safety and security of accepted art, please be aware that pieces are submitted at your own risk. happy delusions does not insure submitted work against theft or damage.

Opening reception is Friday July 6th 6 – 9 pm. Wine and light snacks will be provided.

Annual Renton Car Show will be Sunday, July 8th from 10-6

Pinups Against Cancer will be here on both dates charming the crowd, accepting donations, and peddling their wares. You don’t wanna miss out on the fun!

2012 BestofRenton_logoCThank you Everyone. Happy delusions has won Best Gift Shop in Renton 5 years in a row! You really are the best. Thank you so much. We are proud to serve such a lovely community.

Peace. Love. Whiskey. Card by Peacableprints on Etsy.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and while y’all are out there getting your green on, I’d like you to pause for a moment and remember what St. Patrick’s Day is really all about. Whiskey! Sure beer too, but come on, drink like an Irishman and throw back something with a kick!

I’ll be at my favorite Renton watering hole, DC’s Bar and Grill, better known by the locals at Renton’s living room. If you really want to get your jig on thou, go to A Terrible Beauty, DTR’s favorite Irish Pub, where they will be having events the whole day thru and deep into the night.

My latest Treasury was easy because it surrounded some of my favorite things. My heritage, my favorite color, and whiskey! Tomorrow I’ll have a glass for you Gramma O’Brien!