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I know it’s been a minute. So hereĀ  you go, the latest treasure.


Peace. Love. Whiskey. Card by Peacableprints on Etsy.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and while y’all are out there getting your green on, I’d like you to pause for a moment and remember what St. Patrick’s Day is really all about. Whiskey! Sure beer too, but come on, drink like an Irishman and throw back something with a kick!

I’ll be at my favorite Renton watering hole, DC’s Bar and Grill, better known by the locals at Renton’s living room. If you really want to get your jig on thou, go to A Terrible Beauty, DTR’s favorite Irish Pub, where they will be having events the whole day thru and deep into the night.

My latest Treasury was easy because it surrounded some of my favorite things. My heritage, my favorite color, and whiskey! Tomorrow I’ll have a glass for you Gramma O’Brien!

vintage friendship pattern pyrex mixing bowl

Although it’s not all handmade. It is all Pyrex, and who doesn’t love Pyrex? No seriously, who doesn’t. I shutter at the thought. So here is the latest treasury, my ode to Pyrex.

Yes we here in the Seattle area have been getting all kinds of grieve lately about our recent snow storm, or rather, ice storm. I don’t remember ever having an ice storm here, and I don’t ever recall any other time when everyone swears that they were driving fine, but no one else was. Good times, good times. Now it seems that all is back to normal, so I decided to create a Treasury to represent the snow, and all the wonder of the season. check it out here.

Snow Enchantress by ThePlumedSerpent on Etsy.


Nyte Ryderz are an amazing group of friends who ride their bikes around at night. I am in love with these people and this experience, and the adventures we have. This treasury is my homage to them.

"The Clubhouse" by Cricket Press on Etsy


I can't get enough! This kid is too darn cute in his little beard by laura design on Etsy.

Ah Novembeard. The slightly less well known cousin of Mustache March, and also two of my favorite months. Yes I believe it has something to do with all the fun hairy faces men, and yes sometimes women too, running around with awesome facial hair. Here’s to you Novembeard.

5x7 Grow A Beard Print by Poppy and Pinecone, on Etsy.

Halloween fun is in the air, and so are spiders. This is a treasury dedicated to these little ones, and big ones, and all the creepy cool wonder that they are.

Halloween Glitter Vinyl Clutch by RetroRedone on Etsy.