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Stumbled upon this amazing artist this morning while browsing some of my favorite websites. Johnny Yanok is colorful, carefree, charming, and fun. What a treat. I’d love to find out more about this one. So cute!


The latest on the treasury list, Mask the Truth. Because we all wear different masks when dealing with different people. And I don’t want to wear the mask with you.

Lola Mae - articulated paper doll kit by Mab Graves

Just found this German duo Herakut via Sweet Station, and I think I’ve fallen in lust. The feeling of raw, graphic, sad, yet beautiful urban look touches me. The duo of Hera, and Akut met at an art show in 2004 and have been collaborating ever since. Please check out their website, and here are a couple of my fav’s.

I did notice as I google imaged Herakut that they use the saying, “Art doesn’t help people. People help people”, in a couple of their works. Not sure what the story is here, but I like.

Although I can’t post my Etsy Tresury’s onto my blog, I can link my blog to my treasury’s, so I will do that. Today’s theme was Harry Potter because oh so excited for the midnight showing tomorrow. You can check it out here.

Harry and Hedwig sticker

My Thinking Cap Art Show
Exhibiting Friday September 2nd – 30th 2011
at Happy Delusions
924 South 3rd Street
Renton, WA 98057-2734
(425) 255-6078

Show description:

This show’s focus will be based on your Thinking Cap. Throughout our entire life’s we’ve all been told to put them on. I have always imagined mine to be quite massive. Think you have an amazing one? Well share it with the world.


Your work does not need to be narrative but should reflect the theme. Think the world of imagination! Only you can see your thinking cap, but its magic extents out to all. Light bulbs, wires, electricity, helmets and all wearable headgear. Your work can be on the brainy side or a weirder interpretation, maybe even comical? Have fun with it! Please nothing overtly sexual or violent, tasteful artistic nudity is acceptable. All mediums will be accepted, traditional wall art, sculpture, fiber art, plush etc…artists will be limited to 3 pieces but please note that we may only accept one of the three. The sale commission is 35%. This is a juried show.

Submissions must be sent via email.

We will start accepting submissions Tuesday July 5th. The last day to submit will be Friday July 29th 2011.

Email jpegs to

Artists may submit 5-10 low resolution (72dpi, 500 pixels high), unzipped jpegs.

File names must be saved in this format: LastNameTitle.jpg

In the body of the email please include this information for all pieces (up to 3) being submitted:

Your Name

Title of Piece


Dimensions Width”xHeight” (xDepth”-if applicable)

Retail Price $ (all submissions must be available for sale)

Also include your complete contact information:

Your Name

Mailing address

Email and website address

Accepted artists will be notified Friday August 12th 2011. You will receive an email back if your work is accepted and a list of exhibiting artists will be posted on our Facebook page: happy delusions, as well as here, on the happy delusions blog:

If accepted you’re work will need to be displayed / hang ready when dropped off at happy delusions. The cut off date for accepted works to be in for display is Sunday August 28th, and work can be dropped off during business hours. Please call me, Mary at happy delusions if you will need to make any special arrangements regarding your piece /pieces. Opening reception is Friday September 2nd 5 – 9 pm. Wine and light snacks will be provided.

Thank you to all our amazing customers and supports for supporting happy delusions for the past 3 years. It truly has been an incredible journey that continues to change my life everyday. The Renton community has been great and I couldn’t have asked for better customers. My family, friends, community, and all around support group  have really helped push me up to be a better person, citizen, and business owner. I honestly could not have done it without all these factors. Without this journey, that is still just beginning, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful talented people in the area. I wouldn’t have grown in my relationship with my parents in the way I have. I wouldn’t have met and fallen in love with the most wonderful man, who happened to open a coffee shop next door, Liberty Cafe. I have had the opportunity to connect with my neighborhood, and community on a level I never thought possible. And I’ve started being almost something like a responsible adult. Yikes! And AWESOME! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Please do come by and say hello, and pick up your FREE happy delusions glow in the dark keychain, as our humble Thank you gift for 3 years down, and many many more to come. And while your at it, please on online and vote for us “Best Gift Shop in Western Washington” by King 5, Evening Magazine, Best of Western Washington.