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Perspectives is the name of my upcoming art show this Saturday August the 8th, and boy has it taken me for a ride. Forcing me to see my own unique perspectives, and being open to others. That’s what the shows about, taking something old and possibly forgotten and giving it new meaning and new life.

As true to form, I took the opportunity to be graciously asked to be in an amazing gallery to stretch myself and find new ways to express myself. I’ve done some work in the past that involved sewing on photo’s, paired with my recent obsession with embroidery and found myself in my current creation. Although I think it’s turning out very me, it’s got a dark edge to it, which usually doesn’t pop out. Must be the full time job.

The Black Death

The Black Death

I’d be honored and humbled for y’all to come and see my work. The opening is part of Georgetown Art Attack and is going to be a hoot. This Saturday August the 8th from 6-9 pm at Eight & Sand Gallery.



12 local artists have come together to bring you a collective show in the theme of the holiday classic, The 12 Days of Christmas. 12 artists, 12 days. Come see the different interpretations and meet the artist during this night of art and espresso. This is happening at the Tin Umbrella Coffee house in Hillman City. Just South of Columbia City on Rainier Ave. 5600 Rainier Ave S. Wonderful people, wonderful art. Come get into the spirit with us this Thursday night for 6-8.

Thank you, and thank you to all you beautiful people. The show was a huge success! Alex over at Eight and Sand is amazing, supportive, and super talented women. If you haven’t met her yet, do yourself a favor and do so. Here are some photo’s from the show. Enjoy.

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felt-natureOkay. I know I’m late on this. But this Friday the show is closing, and I will be at Eight and Sand Gallery with the lovely Alexandria Sandlin for your last chance to come see the show. Of course you can also go to and see the whole show online as well. But if you want to be submerged in awesome, then I think you should come, 6-9 this Friday, April 11.

Two amazing shows featuring happy delusions own Alexandria Sandlin, the artist behind the big eye art that is Cherry Bones. First tonight at Twilight in West Seattle during the West Seattle art walk go check out her latest piece in the 12 Days of Christmas Show. Alex did 4 calling birds, featuring a less then desirable bird pie. And remember to wear your tackiest holiday sweater to the event.  Then this Saturday is Art Attack in Georgetown. Alex will have more work to be unveiled including some new mushroom pieces that I am personally super excited to see! Both shows run from 6-9, and be sure to click on all the featured links to see all the other amazing artists that Alex has as her company. Go Alex. The more I see from his little lady the more and more I’m becoming a collector of her work.

Don’t know what to do to kick off your Labor Day weekend? How about coming in to happy delusions to meet the very talented Alexandria Sandlin. She will be her tomorrow, Friday September 3rd, from 5-9 with some new work and a grand window display of past works too. You don’t want to miss this! Alex’s Big Eye Art has sure made an impact on the folks around these parts and it’s only a matter of time before she’s so well know and liked that her originals will be impossible to find.