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Hey gang. It’s that time of year once again and happy delusions is hoping all you loyal customers will take a few minutes and vote for us. In 2008 you voted us The Best Gift Shop in Western WA.  In 2011 we’re hoping to reclaim the title, so please help us out. It’s only a few minutes of your time, but it means the world to us. Here’s a link that will take you direct to our page. Yes you have to register, but what a great way to start vote for all the other favorite places you want to see take the award. Small business is in a hard place right now no matter what the business is, so please remember that your vote makes a huge difference. Thanks!



Thank you to all our amazing customers and supports for supporting happy delusions for the past 3 years. It truly has been an incredible journey that continues to change my life everyday. The Renton community has been great and I couldn’t have asked for better customers. My family, friends, community, and all around support group  have really helped push me up to be a better person, citizen, and business owner. I honestly could not have done it without all these factors. Without this journey, that is still just beginning, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful talented people in the area. I wouldn’t have grown in my relationship with my parents in the way I have. I wouldn’t have met and fallen in love with the most wonderful man, who happened to open a coffee shop next door, Liberty Cafe. I have had the opportunity to connect with my neighborhood, and community on a level I never thought possible. And I’ve started being almost something like a responsible adult. Yikes! And AWESOME! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Please do come by and say hello, and pick up your FREE happy delusions glow in the dark keychain, as our humble Thank you gift for 3 years down, and many many more to come. And while your at it, please on online and vote for us “Best Gift Shop in Western Washington” by King 5, Evening Magazine, Best of Western Washington.


It’s time once again everyone! We have been nominated for king 5’s Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington. This is a viewers choice award, and I feel very blessed and loved that we have been nominated two years in a row. Please copy and paste the link below and vote for us so we can continue to bring attention to local and independent artists, and to attract more people to Renton.

happy delusions has been nominated for “Evening Magazines”, “Best of the Northwest”! go online at vote for us today. The contest ends this Sunday, Oct. 13, so please don’t delay. There are a ton of amazing nominee’s in Renton, support the neighborhood. Here’s the link to make it easy for you guys.

Go down to gift shops, and VOTE HAPPY DELUSIONS! Yeah. Then wait to see the show, when John Curley announces all the winners! I’m way excited! You should be too. 🙂