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Perspectives is the name of my upcoming art show this Saturday August the 8th, and boy has it taken me for a ride. Forcing me to see my own unique perspectives, and being open to others. That’s what the shows about, taking something old and possibly forgotten and giving it new meaning and new life.

As true to form, I took the opportunity to be graciously asked to be in an amazing gallery to stretch myself and find new ways to express myself. I’ve done some work in the past that involved sewing on photo’s, paired with my recent obsession with embroidery and found myself in my current creation. Although I think it’s turning out very me, it’s got a dark edge to it, which usually doesn’t pop out. Must be the full time job.

The Black Death

The Black Death

I’d be honored and humbled for y’all to come and see my work. The opening is part of Georgetown Art Attack and is going to be a hoot. This Saturday August the 8th from 6-9 pm at Eight & Sand Gallery.

















I am so excited to head out tomorrow night to the Pioneer Square Art Walk to see Chris Berens work at my most favorite gallery in Seattle, Roq La Rue.

I first saw Chris’s work at said gallery over 3 years ago now. Mind was blown. Dreamy, mystical, and just a little off in subject to make your mind have to move and focus.

If you have the opportunity, go see this show. He’s one of the most talented artists out there, from the Netherlands, and shown here, in our town. Thank you Kirsten Anderson!

Thank you, and thank you to all you beautiful people. The show was a huge success! Alex over at Eight and Sand is amazing, supportive, and super talented women. If you haven’t met her yet, do yourself a favor and do so. Here are some photo’s from the show. Enjoy.

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Chris Berens

The music, the wine, the array of people standing by, all admiring what I consider to be the one show I refuse to miss at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. The artists that make up “Lush Life 3” are all extremely talented contemporary artists from all around the globe.  They include:

Femke Hiemstra, Chris Berens, Josh Keyes, John Brophy, Travis Louie, Marco Mazzoni, Madeline Von Foerster, Jessica Joslin, Joseph Park, Chris Conn Askew, Christian Van Minnen, Andrew Arconti, Lindsey Carr, Zoe Williams, Michael Alm, Corine Perier, Mia Araujo, Peter Gronquist, and Mia Brownell.

The show kicks off tomorrow night, Friday, December 9th from 6-9pm. And will continue thru January 6th.


2009 Winner

The Renton Annual Art Show is a not for profit all volunteer organization that runs in conjunction with the Annual Renton River Days Festival the week of July 19th – July 25th. The show features artists from all over the Northwest. This is the first year the organization has gone green. That means all the publicity has been done online this year. Way to do your part guys!

Registration starts this Sunday, July 18th from 11am – 4pm. at the Renton Community Center located at 1715 SE Maple Valley Hwy, Renton WA. 98057.

Anyone can enter, all work must be original, for sale, and not more than 2 years old. It must be framed and ready to hang by wire only. There are 3 separate galleries, and all will be shown and on display thru Sunday July 25th at the Community Center. The main gallery is $10 per entry, the little gallery is $6 per entry, and the student gallery is only $1 per entry. Please click here for an application and more information.

My friend Britt was the winner in last years show. I’ve posted her piece here. She was nice enough to let me use the picture for this blog and has informed me that we will have to wait til the 2011 Art Show to see more of her amazing work. As much as I would love to see her submit something this year, I do understand that genius can’t be rushed.