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ImageGive thanks banner by Peridotdesign on Etsy reminds me what this season is all about. click my link here to see this and more signs of a grateful heart. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of love, family, friends, and all your heart desires.


A piece from my personal collection, by Kristi Hand.

The Altered Barbie Art Show
Exhibiting Friday May 4th – Wednesday May 30th
at Happy Delusions
924 South 3rd Street
Renton, WA 98057-2734
(425) 255-6078

Show description:

This show’s focus will be based on Barbie and her dream world. Love her or hate her she’s here to stay, and she means different things to different people. We want to see what Barbie does for you.


Your work does not need to be narrative but should reflect a Barbie theme. Your work can be on the sweet side or a darker interpretation, maybe even comical. Have fun with it! Please nothing overtly sexual or violent, tasteful artistic nudity is acceptable. All mediums will be accepted, traditional wall art, sculpture, fiber art, plush etc…artists will be limited to 3 pieces per person, but please note that we may only accept one of the three. The sale commission is 40%.

This is a juried show.

2. Submit Art


Submissions must be sent via email to

You will need to provide the following for artwork submit:

Your Name

Images of the work (900 x 1200 suggested)
Title of Piece

We will start accepting submissions Thursday, March 1st. The last day to submit will be Friday, April 13th 2012.
Accepted artists will be notified by email Friday April 20th. A list of exhibiting artists will be posted on our Facebook page, as well as on the happy delusions blog:

If accepted you work will need to be displayed / hang ready when dropped off at happy delusions.
Load in: Tuesday, May 1st and Wednesday May 2nd from 11-6
Load out: Thursday, May 31st 11-6
Details on Load In / Out will be sent out with acceptance into the show.

Insurance: Although every precaution will be taken to insure the safety and security of accepted art, please be aware that pieces are submitted at your own risk happy delusions does not insure submitted work against theft or damage.


Opening reception is Friday May 4th 5 – 9 pm. Wine and light snacks will be provided.

Halloween fun is in the air, and so are spiders. This is a treasury dedicated to these little ones, and big ones, and all the creepy cool wonder that they are.

Halloween Glitter Vinyl Clutch by RetroRedone on Etsy.

Just Peachy! Featured photo here is a peach pink flower hair accessory REVERIES & ROSES – Whimsical twiggy clip by “Thehoneycomb”on etsy.

Reveries & Roses

CRAFTswap Sunday, September 26th from 1p – 4p. Happy Delusions, 924 S. 3rd St. Renton WA. 98057.

One person’s old stack of craft supplies could be another person’s pile of inspiration! Bring any used or unused craft or art supplies and swap them for FREE!!!!

Remember when you were gonna start making jewelry, but then found you weren’t into it. All that supply you bought will be perfect for someone else, just think you can snag up someone else’s yarn because really you just want to knit. Oh wait! I think I’m talking about me. So I know what I’m bringing, and hoping to take home. 🙂

Any supplies left over at the end of the day will be donated to our local Salvation Army. Think of it as a great way to clear out space for supply you might actually use, instead of hanging on to those trinkets that you haven’t been able to get rid of because you know they could be perfect for some craft that you’ll never do.

Suggestions of things to bring; fabric scraps or remnants, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps, kids crafts, craft storage, beads, jewelry supplies, yarn, thread, stickers, sewing notions, anything that might inspire or be used in handmade crafts.

And be sure to let Me know if you bring something to swap so you can receive a $5.00 gift card to the store. Oh yeah! You win twice when you come to happy delusions.

Oh, and be sure to give a great big hug to Kelly of tomato tomato design + print because this wouldn’t be happening without her, and she’s basically one of the biggest rockstars I know. Thanks Kell!

View from the street

I am so lucky that I got to send this last weekend celebrating my independence with my honey bunny out at Ocean Shores. And of course because I’m always looking for local and creative handmade things, we found ourselves at the city’s newest business, “Tide Pool Collaborative Market”. It’s on the main drag, in the same complex of the Irish Pub. While in the shop I had the opportunity to meet with one of the artist and wonderful lady, Susan. She had nothing but positive things to say about the new shop and all 8 artist who are currently involved. They have room for 10 artist total and info. on how to get involved is on there website. She calls her product “The Good Egg Emporium”, and makes super cute embroidered pillows. I fell in love with a sock doggie she was selling. She also has a massage room, which was her former business. I found myself walking out with this great leather journal by Deneen Shank. It’s perfect for my drawings, and just the right size. You can find her at Pike Place Market. I also grabbed some essential oil from Rainwater Botanicals. Her product comes in beautiful packaging, and I highly recommend the Cedar.  So next time you find yourself down on the coast please go in and support this local business. They have everything from jewelry, to watercolor, to handmade sailboats, even signs and fences made from drift wood. Yeah Local!!!


Heather Ramsay is so talented, and her work is so high in quality that I am going to leave her story here for all to read.

My Purses, the Backstory: It started in a used bookstore. On the front of the rack of records was this old album by the T-Bones. The record was pretty beat up (really, what was it doing here? no good for a music collector) and I didn’t have a turntable, but the graphics were great and I bought it just to look at. The music’s in my head, anyway. I leaned it up on a shelf over my desk. I went about my business designing and making jewelry, always working to integrate recycled materials into that work. So I ask myself, occasionally at first, then later a few million times, what I could do with this beautiful old record jacket besides set it on a shelf or hang it on a wall? And what about all those others, sitting in dusty bins? Beauties by the not-so-famous, or cool jackets with scratched albums inside? Finally! Light bulb. I took the T-Bones down from the shelf and made myself a purse. Got some compliments. Then I made “Hello Dolly” and “West Side Story” for friends. Hmmm…maybe if I set my mind to it I could refine the details…(later came art prints, out of date calendars, game boxes, maps, and more.)finally, my own graphics were hatched, married to my purse designs, and the real fun began…

Heather also has amazing handmade jewelry in the shop for a limited time, so come on by and take a look. You can also see and buy her purses on etsy at ramsayart. Here’s the link;