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So it’s Stitch & Bitch Sunday here at happy delusions where if you don’t know already, you are invited to come down and join in our little stitch fest. And as always, I feel it only right to bring attention to some amazing stitchers out in the world. Today I’d like to let everyone know about Mandy Greer. I was first intro’ed to this lady while watching handmade nation, which if you haven’t already, go watch this documentary by Faythe Levine. It’s what got me do to my sweet PBR latchhook, that I’ve had such recent success on. If you’re in the Seattle area get your booty down to Roq La Rue before May 7th and see her rad chandeliers at the “Lust Life 2” Group Invitational, and support our local galleries and artist in them. Mandy is one of the women who can take her vision and really put it into a piece that will leave your eyes to hours of wonder and enjoyment. So much going on, so much detail, so much fun, and so much work. Way to go girl. I literally have dreams of her work in my shop windows. I mean hey, a girls gotta dream. 🙂


OMG everyone! Finally they posted the new art on the PBR website. Please go check out my PBR latch-hook and say you like it. This is my first art contest EVER and I’m so totally excited about the whole thing! Here’s the link.

Oh, and here’s the piece just one more time. 🙂

Okay! So when I first heard about the Pabst Blue Ribbon art show and contest, I wasn’t sure I was even going to enter. Now 3 weeks later, I’m convinced I’m gonna win! Tonight at the Mars Bar in Seattle is the Submission Party. I got it done just in time. This was an interesting and challenging project for many reasons. The hardest part was actually creating the pattern. Latch-hook is a very fun kitchy thing to do, and I recently watched “handmade Nation”, where this lady makes her own patterns, and I thought, I can do that. I did it! I even had to cut all my own yarn and I love it. Being that this is the first art contest I have ever entered I really don’t know what to expect. The only thing I know for sure is that this bad boy is Awesome. More importantly it challenged me and gave me a fun goal to work towards. So get online and check out all the other entries here, and stay tuned to find out if I won.