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Let begin the year with some art walks. Tonight I will be headed down to Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk. Yes,  it’s technically the second Thursday, but it’s January people, and no one wants to head out to do anything on New Years Day! So this month is the exception, deal with it. Then tomorrow, I’m staying local in my own neighborhood for the resurgence of the DTR (Downtown Renton) Art Walk, now Art Eruption!!! Which will be happening throughout DTR the first Friday of every month. Again, I realize this is the second Friday, January, get it, okay. I haven’t seen any of the art that will be here, but I do know that Liberty Cafe is involved, has an amazing artists, and has been one of downtown’s anchors who’s been doing art since the olden days with me over at happy delusions. Go support your neighborhood art scene. And if you are an artists of any kind, remember to support other artists as well. It’s important people.


Thank you to all our amazing customers and supports for supporting happy delusions for the past 3 years. It truly has been an incredible journey that continues to change my life everyday. The Renton community has been great and I couldn’t have asked for better customers. My family, friends, community, and all around support group  have really helped push me up to be a better person, citizen, and business owner. I honestly could not have done it without all these factors. Without this journey, that is still just beginning, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful talented people in the area. I wouldn’t have grown in my relationship with my parents in the way I have. I wouldn’t have met and fallen in love with the most wonderful man, who happened to open a coffee shop next door, Liberty Cafe. I have had the opportunity to connect with my neighborhood, and community on a level I never thought possible. And I’ve started being almost something like a responsible adult. Yikes! And AWESOME! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Please do come by and say hello, and pick up your FREE happy delusions glow in the dark keychain, as our humble Thank you gift for 3 years down, and many many more to come. And while your at it, please on online and vote for us “Best Gift Shop in Western Washington” by King 5, Evening Magazine, Best of Western Washington.

That’s right! It’s finally here, UnDisCoVerEd. I am so excited to hear Cock & Swan play songs from their new vinyl that I heart mucho.  Sweet Secrets is in the line up as well, and I just can’t wait to watch the super sexy drummer Corey Knafelz do his thang, and hopefully flirt with me a little too. Then, of course, I don’t want to miss our local Renton boy, Kerry Zettel, rock out with his band, See Me River, who I hear is AWESOME! The Renton Reporter did a story on him and our UnDisCoVerEd event matter of fact, you can view that here.  Young Lions has played once before in Renton at the Upper Room, and I missed out, but not this time. I will be there all day starting with our crafters at 2pm. It all goes down tomorrow May 15th from 2-11 at Harambee in DTR. Spotlight dance will be performing inbetween the music line-up, and nothing in Renton would be complete without the appearance of Liberty Cafe owner and mega hottie Mike Moskowitz, who will be keeping us all well caffeinated throughout the day. Remember this is a benefit show for Childhood Cancer Sucks.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. You can purchase them right now at brown paper, or here at happy delusions, and of course from Nich down at Tyrannosaurus Records. And When you see Nich tomorrow be sure to say thank you for being so cool and for all the work he does to bring live music to Renton.

At tomorrow nights First Friday Block Party not only will the amazing work of Kristi HAND be taking over my window’s with her “World of Warped Toys”, but she is also going to be bringing in pieces from Little HAND’s School of Art. My Fun Felt Forest will be being displayed next door at Liberty Cafe, and both shows will remain up for the remainder of the month. This will mark the first time I have ever showed my own art in a show setting. I am super nervous, and ready to go! I can feel myself breaking all the rules I give to other artist and am really trying to take my own awesome advise, but when it’s your own, it’s such a different experience. I’m lovin it. I have been is such a creative space and couldn’t be happier with the results. More pictures to follow after tomorrow, but if you get a chance, come on down. 5-9, we will be having wine, and serving samples of NellieLynn’s Gourmet Cheesecake, and listening to live music from DJ Phil Anthony. 924 S. 3rd St., Renton, WA. 98057. Hope to see you there.

Liberty Cafe is celebrating their 1 year anniversary party this Saturday, all day. Live music, good people, food, and the best coffee on the planet! As always, Mr. Mike Moskowitz will be there all day. And Mr. Johnny Uysal will be in and out doing all the behind the scene details.

On the same day, and at the other end of the block, Common Ground Coffee & Cupcakes will be celebrating their 3rd birthday! They too will be having live music, good people, cupcakes, and a raffle to help support our local salvation army.The Woon Family will have you feeling like family in no time.

So come on down to DTR this weekend and support our local coffee houses, and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to our town.


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is upon us and you really should get something for that special someone. A card from one of our local card makers is a simple way to say, “Hey, I think you’re swell, even though I’m not really into this cheesy holiday, I didn’t want you to think I didn’t remember”. We have ton’s of cute vintage cards with a modern flare, like the one pictured here by Jane Hashash.  You can also go for the traditional Flowers and Candy which Deb at “Girlfriends” would happily put together a bouquet for you while you shop for all the fun candies we have decorated for the occasion by Ms. Magoo & Lou. These Bee’s reading “Bee Mine” happen to bee my favorite of their’s. Then you can head into Liberty Cafe for a non-threatening coffee date, or up to Common Ground Coffee and Cupcake for one of their Valentine cupcakes.

Of course we don’t want to forget those who have loved us from the get go either. We also have great gifts for your Mom, Dad, Best Friend, Grandma, etc. These are my favorite by Ms. Lady P.  As nothing says love like keeping someones feet toasty warm.


Northwest x Northwest

Saturday, Nov 14 7:00pm at The Renton Civic Theater

Tyrannosaurus Records doin it up right! Bringing a hip and fun music experience to Renton. Finally!

Featuring performances by local bands;

Ophelia’s Thunder (,

Cock and Swan (,

Thunderbird Motel (,

and Broken Water (;

Also there will be awesome dance performances from Renton’s own Spotlight Dance Company.

Tickets are only $15!!!! available here at happy delusions, at Liberty Cafe, DC Bar and Grill, Spotlight Dance, and of course at Tyrannosaurus Records. If any are left. I think they will be selling at the door too.

Oh, and DC Bar will be in the lobby providing you with all your beer needs.

I know for one I will be there. Hope you are too.