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I am so excited to head out tomorrow night to the Pioneer Square Art Walk to see Chris Berens work at my most favorite gallery in Seattle, Roq La Rue.

I first saw Chris’s work at said gallery over 3 years ago now. Mind was blown. Dreamy, mystical, and just a little off in subject to make your mind have to move and focus.

If you have the opportunity, go see this show. He’s one of the most talented artists out there, from the Netherlands, and shown here, in our town. Thank you Kirsten Anderson!


Found this amazing artist, John Breed while browsing the pages of one of my favorite websites, Sweet Station. An artist out of the Netherlands. I like his bold color aligned with the non-traditional medium. It works. He has done a ton of cool things that I encourage you to check out on his website, but here, I’m featuring the legs. Love them.