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Just Peachy! Featured photo here is a peach pink flower hair accessory REVERIES & ROSES – Whimsical twiggy clip by “Thehoneycomb”on etsy.

Reveries & Roses


Heather Ramsay is one of the most talented artist I know. Her work is so high polished one might question if it is truly handmade at all. I can assure you it is.

Think of your favorite old record album. Now think of carrying it around as a sassy purse. Oh yeah. Heather has made this a reality. Old record album cover purses. She’s so good she uses only recycled materials, and makes them look like new.

Heather will be the featured artist at happy delusions for the month of August. She will be taking over the window to showcase her talents as she pairs music and art together. What a great way to kick off the announcement of Tyrannosaurus Records and happy delusions new merger. That’s right! If you haven’t seen the changes yet, swing by for the block party Friday, August 6th from 5 – 9 pm. Meet Heather, and welcome Nich (owner of T-Rex) to the store. Renton has gone indie, and we are planning our take over of the world, one indie artist / crafter at a time.


Heather Ramsay is so talented, and her work is so high in quality that I am going to leave her story here for all to read.

My Purses, the Backstory: It started in a used bookstore. On the front of the rack of records was this old album by the T-Bones. The record was pretty beat up (really, what was it doing here? no good for a music collector) and I didn’t have a turntable, but the graphics were great and I bought it just to look at. The music’s in my head, anyway. I leaned it up on a shelf over my desk. I went about my business designing and making jewelry, always working to integrate recycled materials into that work. So I ask myself, occasionally at first, then later a few million times, what I could do with this beautiful old record jacket besides set it on a shelf or hang it on a wall? And what about all those others, sitting in dusty bins? Beauties by the not-so-famous, or cool jackets with scratched albums inside? Finally! Light bulb. I took the T-Bones down from the shelf and made myself a purse. Got some compliments. Then I made “Hello Dolly” and “West Side Story” for friends. Hmmm…maybe if I set my mind to it I could refine the details…(later came art prints, out of date calendars, game boxes, maps, and more.)finally, my own graphics were hatched, married to my purse designs, and the real fun began…

Heather also has amazing handmade jewelry in the shop for a limited time, so come on by and take a look. You can also see and buy her purses on etsy at ramsayart. Here’s the link;


Hurry! The wonderful world of Maluhia is leaving our shop. Rumor’s say she will be back for the holidays with all new fabrics, and styles, but until then we in Renton will have to go without (sigh). So from today until the end of the month, come in for 25% off all her lovely merchandise. We will miss you Jonah.