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Velvet, cashmere, silk, taffeta, are all some of the upcycled “feel me” fabrics behind the one-of-a-kind accessories and home decor made on a budget by Ms. Maude. Finding most of her materials at thrift stores, and yard sales makes it easy to pass the savings on to you, and kudos’ for helping to give new life to a tired sweater or unused vintage button.

Ms. Maude is the newest artist here at happy delusions, and can also be shopped on the world-wide web by way of her Etsy Store. Keep up the good work lady, we heart it mucho!

Barrette Steel Blue and Icy Blue Roses with Feathers


My Personal favorite photo in the show.


So last night was our first official date night, which was the idea of my wonderful bf. We decided to take the bus into the big city and see some art. “Meet Me at the Center of the Earth” is the featured art by Nick Cave at the Seattle Art Museum. On now through June 5th, and I am going to make a point to tell everyone to see this show! In short this was an amazing display of he calls “soundsuits”. *Nick Cave is a Chicago based fabric sculptor, dancer and performance artist.  His first suit was made of twigs, following creations include dyed human hair (bought already dyed from a wholesaler in New York) , sisal, plastic buttons, beads, sequins, feathers and toys… anything he can possibly collect.*

One could spend hours looking at the details of just one of the 50 suits he currently has displayed. Each is uniquely its own yet they seem to fit together nicely into sets. Displayed on mannequins for viewing to the masses as visual art, and also displayed throughout the exhibit on projectors to be seen as movable pieces of functional art. Using both dance and music to help show the mobility and true nature of each soundsuit. Each suit is created using found materials of all mediums bright and colorful, natural and ornamental, anything and everything.

Not only did I feel like Nick’s work was interesting to the eye, but I love that it was all recycled and re-purposed  material, but that he uses craft as part of the art. YES! He has a whole screen dedicated to just a bunch of granny squares and doilies that he found and photographed before  using them in the soundsuits.

I didn’t get to see the suits in motion, but just read when Nick Cave does shows, one component is to partner with community dance groups to create what are called Invasions. *Kind of like a monster flash-mob, the suits show up in public for quick mini-performances. Both Cornish and Spectrum will be performing over the course of the exhibit. The first one happened in a window of Nordstrom.* Follow SAM on Facebook or Twitter to figure out where they’ll be next.

I can’t say enough good about this show, and be sure to check out what I’m calling “The big pile of happiness”, in the first room with all the furries. Basically a bunch of rolled up afghan you just want to jump in and all will be happy and right. Go Nick Cave! Go SAM! Go see a colorful fun world of a different beauty and happy weirdness.


* two awesome links I am referencing.



Just in! Fair trade recycled bags made in Cambodia helps enable men, women, and children who have been trafficked, impoverished or abandoned to be reintegrated back into society. The STOPstart program is great! Stop the Trafficking. Start a new life. As written on the tag, “Hagar Designs creates beautiful and unique accessories that help disadvantaged women secure income and significantly improve their quality of life through training and employment. Your purchase of this product contributes to the support of Hagar’s social program.”  Now how cool is that.

Made from recycled rice and feed bags on both the inside and outside, so not only will you sport a cool image on the outside, but when you look inside it’s equally as rad.

Heather Ramsay is one of the most talented artist I know. Her work is so high polished one might question if it is truly handmade at all. I can assure you it is.

Think of your favorite old record album. Now think of carrying it around as a sassy purse. Oh yeah. Heather has made this a reality. Old record album cover purses. She’s so good she uses only recycled materials, and makes them look like new.

Heather will be the featured artist at happy delusions for the month of August. She will be taking over the window to showcase her talents as she pairs music and art together. What a great way to kick off the announcement of Tyrannosaurus Records and happy delusions new merger. That’s right! If you haven’t seen the changes yet, swing by for the block party Friday, August 6th from 5 – 9 pm. Meet Heather, and welcome Nich (owner of T-Rex) to the store. Renton has gone indie, and we are planning our take over of the world, one indie artist / crafter at a time.

happy delusions just got in a huge order from Blue Q! Included our my favorite, shoppers and handy totes woven from 95% recycled materials.  Below are my top 3.

This cutie sandwich is ideal for any PB&J made with love. And how can one go wrong with a brite yellow beaver tote? Seriously? And last is the shopper with the assembly of cupcake properties. Perfect for large carried items such as an order of cupcakes from Common Ground!


Birch trees, deer, clouds all floating in pink and gray. It must be la la land, and I have to tell you it’s a really cute place to be.

This cute tote Made from 95% post consumer waste in the form of used plastic bottles and grain sacks is a much more green way to shop around town.

If you, like me, live in your own world of wonder most the time, I think this is the bag for you.

Also, be sure to pick up the matching la la land lip balm while your here and enjoy the tasty peppermint flavor with a little dose of rosemary.



These motherboard photo frames are made from recycled electronics. Not only do they look totally cool and hip, but it sends the message that you are environmentally friendly and aware. Eco friendly and a perfect gift for that perfect nerd in your life.