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Crystal-Eye of the beholder  Join us this coming Thursday as I, along with the Renton History Museum present to you The Twilight Zone Art Show. Featuring work by local artist with the subject being the ever popular iconic television series. Thursday September 10th from 5:30-8:30


The second annual Renton FilmFrenzy tonight 7 pm at the IKEA Performing Arts Center, at Renton High School. With a special performance by the EriAm Sisters. 22 films were entered this year, and tonight the top 10 will be shown on the big screen. With each film being around 4minutes and awards the sweet Curvee award plus money to the winners. Find out who the best actor, actress, and filmmakers in Renton are. It’s going to be a blast!

If you can’t make it tonight or want to see the ones that didn’t make the top 10, the next two nights various shops will be showing them in the Downtown Renton Film Walk. Here is the list of where to see them again and mingle with friends in beautiful DTR.

7:00 – 8:30 pm

Whistle Stop Ale House
Blossom Asian Bistro

THURSDAY Locations
Liberty Cafe
Renton History Museum
DC’s Bar & Grill

Have fun, support your community and remember it’s all free, so be sure to bring a friend.

Mrs. Heimlich Mortimer came ready to play as the offical monitor of Renton Blog's. She was there, as always, to tell you point blank how it is.

Mrs. Heimlich Mortimer came ready to play as the official monitor of Renton Blog's. Representing for Lady P of The Picaroon.

The “Meet the Blogger” idea came from Rich Zwicker, Renton City Council Member, and writer of the Renton 425 Blog. According to him at the height of today’s meeting 712 people were counted in attendance, or maybe it was 25 people each with multiple personalities.

I was most excited about meeting “Renton Ben”, and he was surprisingly very nice and even (dare I say it) happy. Ben is definitely the most controversial of the commentators that read and respond to most of the Renton Blogs. He says he doesn’t create his own blog because he doesn’t have much to say about Renton. I think I disagree, but all in all, good to put a face to the Roman figure he uses online. And of course Freakazoid Freddy is always nice to run into with all his wit and charm, you really can’t help but like the guy. You can read what he has to say at

I finally got a chance to officially meet Randy Corman, also a city council member, who writes a community journal. Very informative and up to date. Read his words at, and his son Andy has all the Bloggers logged up to Renton Journal here at

And of course Ms. Lynar of, and Liz Stewart from our history museum were representing as well as an appearance from Mayor Denis Law, and city council member Marcie Palmer.

Good work, and a thank you to Rich for putting this on. Always nice to get people in the community together to chat and come up with new ideas.