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Hey gang. It’s that time of year once again and happy delusions is hoping all you loyal customers will take a few minutes and vote for us. In 2008 you voted us The Best Gift Shop in Western WA.  In 2011 we’re hoping to reclaim the title, so please help us out. It’s only a few minutes of your time, but it means the world to us. Here’s a link that will take you direct to our page. Yes you have to register, but what a great way to start vote for all the other favorite places you want to see take the award. Small business is in a hard place right now no matter what the business is, so please remember that your vote makes a huge difference. Thanks!



A very special thanks to everyone who voted happy delusions Best Gift / Specialty Shop in Renton for its 3rd year. It’s an honor to serve our community and all the wonderful people who come through the shop. We really couldn’t do it without you. You all ROCK! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To see the list of all the winners click here.

Get online and vote happy delusions for the best of Renton!

Don't delay. Vote today!

It’s super easy to do, and just takes a couple minutes of your time. Which BTW, is very appreciated. Go to the Renton Reporter and click the icon in the top right corner that says “2011 Best of Renton” or just hit this link here and it will take you direct to the voting pages. Yes they are going to ask for your name and phone and address, but don’t worry, they won’t harass you, they just want to make sure you don’t enter more than once, and by entering you get the chance to win some awesome prizes that make it even more worth your time.


1st Prize is a $200 Gift Certificate for CD Danza Salon & Spa and a $100 Gift Certificate for Melrose Grill.
2nd Prize is a $100 Gift Certificate for CD Danza Salon & Spa and a $100 Gift Certificate for Armondo’s Café Italiano.

You can also pick up a form in the Renton Reporter. All entries must be received prior to April 12, 2011. No photo copies of ballot please. Faxes are not accepted. Nominee must be a business in any of Renton’s five zip codes to be eligible. Entry must be 50% completed to be counted.

Be an active part in your community and let everyone know what it is you like about Renton so much, and help all us small businesses get our name out as a place you just love.

Please go online and vote for happy delusions, “2010 Best of Renton”. It’s easy, just go to the Renton Reporter, and the icon is in the upper right hand corner. You do have to fill out your name and address, then if you would all go to the page that asks for the best gift shop / specialty store, please put happy delusions down there.

Then go to the Renton Chamber Website and do the same. Again, it’s in the upper right hand corner and is titles in blue, “Nominate a Business”. On this one you do NOT need to fill out your name or anything, just vote happy delusions for Best Customer Service, and for Outstanding Business Under 10 Employee’s.

Thanks in Advance!

Check out this cool poster handmade by Catherine Mill of Renton WA. It was done in an awesome grassroots effort to save our local library from KCLS (King County Library System). In a nutshell, and with everyone feeling the effects of the economy, so is dear ol’ Renton. A special election is being held Feb. 9 to annex or not.  Word got out and the people are talking. It’s been so neat to see so many residents get involved and make a difference. Renton, in my opinion, projects an image and displays banners to encourage work, live, play, within our city. I do this and love this. We are in support of the little guy. Heck, we are the little guy. Why would such an amazing city want to give up our local library when everything they are promoting says that they want us to be local and independent? This confuses me, and as a downtown business owner I would be personally effected if our library were to leave, and my taxes went up. So whats the deal? Something seems off, but I still believe in our city, I believe in the downtown, I believe amazing things can happen when people realize they matter and get involved, I believe issues like this enpower us to do more, and I believe that the people will VOTE NO ON PROP. 1 and keep our libraries in our own control. Ballots are out, and if you haven’t made a decision yet, or have voted yes and want to change, there is still time, please check out these sites for more accurate info.

No KCLS Takeover , Save the Renton Library , Vote No Til You Know ,


I can’t think of a better place to have an election night party in DTR than Liberty Cafe. Come on by and join in the election night buzzzzzzzzzz. Rich Zwicker, who’s running for Renton City Council, and Pam Teal, running for Renton School District, will be there when the results come in. Party starts at 7:30. I’m sure there will be many a faces coming thru, so don’t miss out. It’s the place to be seen. And, please remember to vote.


It’s time once again everyone! We have been nominated for king 5’s Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington. This is a viewers choice award, and I feel very blessed and loved that we have been nominated two years in a row. Please copy and paste the link below and vote for us so we can continue to bring attention to local and independent artists, and to attract more people to Renton.