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I am so excited to head out tomorrow night to the Pioneer Square Art Walk to see Chris Berens work at my most favorite gallery in Seattle, Roq La Rue.

I first saw Chris’s work at said gallery over 3 years ago now. Mind was blown. Dreamy, mystical, and just a little off in subject to make your mind have to move and focus.

If you have the opportunity, go see this show. He’s one of the most talented artists out there, from the Netherlands, and shown here, in our town. Thank you Kirsten Anderson!


Host a Terrarium Building Party! So much fun that your only real challenge is to choose which friends, family and neighbors to invite!

I will help you finalize the details, arrive early to help you set up and provide the perfect party experience specifically created for you and your guests. That’s it! All you have to do is relax, have fun and enjoy.

Beautiful work by Lauren Moyer

Beautiful work by Lauren Moyer

As the host, you will have the option of building one terrarium for every 10 people who build one.
All materials will be provided.
You just need to bring an open mind and creative spirit.

Contact Mary at for prices and for more information


"Bikes & Brew" Poster by Kelly Affleck

“Bikes & Brew” Poster by Kelly Affleck

So I’m a couple weeks late on the post here. I’ve been vacationing in Ocean Shores with my family, not that that’s any excuse. The Bicycle & Beer Show was a smashing success! The live music was incredible, the art spoke for itself, the giveaways from GHY were great, the weather was beaming, and everyone was having a ball. Thank you everyone who came out and helped make this a fantastic event. These are just some of the photo’s from the event. Enjoy!


Evan plays his version of the Saved by the Bell theme song

Evan plays his version of the Saved by the Bell theme song

"Pedal for your Pints" My own embroidered contribution to the show

“Pedal for your Pints” My own embroidered contribution to the show

"My Old Bike" by Dave Cohen, Pen and Ink

“My Old Bike” by Dave Cohen, Pen and Ink

On our way to see “Snowpiercer” at the SIFF Uptown theatre in lower Queen Anne last week, we wondered into Caffe Ladro. So glad we did! Not only did we get a excellent cup of joe, but we got to experience these wonderful pieces of art.

wa-stateMossy Tree Mercantile by Lashem Anderson are wonderful photographs of nature like I’ve never seen. Sweet, soft, welcoming, simple, and complex.

This young photographer studies at Bellevue College and her work shines with a love of nature. As a young girl she wanted to be a postcard photographer, and I can’t wait to see these on a postcard. You do your thang Lashem Mossy Tree Anderson, I am excited to see how this work grows and develops.




A while back I was meandering through Pike Place Market and found myself at the Steinbrueck Gallery. In my opinion, one of Seattle’s best galleries, featuring Pacific Northwest Art. Two of my favorite things in one, galleries, and PNW Art. I felt so fortunate to stumble upon the current show, Gratitude by native artist Steve Smith, native name, Dla’kwagila Oweekeno. His work immediately drew me in and bright bold color does, and the detail, fine lines, and symbols helped to create a feeling of love. This man’s work spoke to me. It spoke peace, it spoke love, and it left me wanting more. There is no art I’ve found that has more meaning in it’s detail as the Pacific Northwest Indian Art. Please, if your in the Seattle area, treat yourself to this wonderful Gallery and expose yourself to something real.lwlm_img_0800_370lwlm_sng102914_14_3986

Today I was recognized at the Renton BPW  (Business and Professional Women) as 2012-13 Women of Achievement. Renton’s Mayor and the Renton City Council are declaring National Business Women’s Week during October in Renton, WA. Today at a luncheon Sabrina Mirante, CEO Renton Chamber was selected as our 2012-13 Woman of the Year. This was such an amazing group, and I thank you all for the support. Unfortunately there was some confusion and I was unable to give my thank you speech. So here it is………..

Thank you Renton Business and Professional Women for this amazing event and recognition. Over the past 5 years I have had the most amazing experiences. Being in business in Renton has taught me so much about myself, this community, and all the amazing people who come together to work for something they love. Being in my shop, happy delusions, was a blessing on so many levels. Allowing me the time to really get in touch with the community thru volunteering to help bring events to our downtown core, and also allowed me the time to commit to running the Art Market for Renton River Days. These all being things that I was excited to emerge myself in, and grow as a person and business women. But ultimately what I got from all of this was a community who without real reason opened their hearts to me. Every day in my shop and out in the town people would come up and want to talk about events, and hear my thoughts, and try to understand what was going on around them. People would come in and get my suggestions on all kinds of things from politics, to best places to dine or ride their bikes. It was an honor, and completely unexpected.

My life has been a series of setting out with intention and bringing my dreams into reality. I couldn’t have done this without help. Today I would like not only to say thank you to this group and community, but also to the City of Renton and all the local business owners who’ve helped me along my path, Laurie Hamilton for nominating me for this, to Armondo Pavoni for being a guide to me as I entered into the world of business in downtown, to Toni Nelson for giving me the confidence to speak my mind. Mike Moskowitz for being the best neighbor and partner I could ask for. I thank you for so much. My Gramma and Papa Clymer for teaching me the value community just by being who they were, and my parents, whom have always encouraged me to go for it, and remind me that the only time you fail is when you don’t get back up and try again.

As many of you may know, I am going thru the process of closing my shop. The experience comes with a lot of different emotions, and of all the amazing attention I have been fortunate enough to get through my time involved this one coming from other women professionals, at just the right time means the most. Thank you.


Tomorrow is happy delusions Celebration of 5 amazing years of business. We would like to take the opportunity to let the community, our friends, and customers know how important they’ve all been to the success of the shop. We will be closing are doors for good at the end of September, so this is your last opportunity to come meet the artists and support them. Thank you all for taking time out of your life and sharing time with us here at happy delusions. This has been a life changing experience that I will forever be grateful for. Thank you.